Call to Action Information

"Vital Congreations Planning guide"

What if church were not just a building? Not a noun, but an action verb?

What if the word "open" in 'Open hearts, Open minds, Open Doors" was a verb instead of an adjective, not describing who we are but instead telling people what we do?

"Rethink Church Theology"

Call to Action Information

Reordering the Life of the Church

To redirect the flow of attention, energy, and resources

to an intense concentration on fostering and sustaining an

increase in the number of vital congregations

effective in

making disciples of Jesus Christ

for the transformation of the world.

Interim Operations Team (IOT) Report

October 2009, We halted our new building planning activities listed below in order to RETHINK CHURCH and identify our God directed vision and mission requirements. We are Rethinking Church as an "out-of-building (not just Sunday morning worship), but a 365 days-a-year experience".

Rethinking church is about taking action. It is a wake-up call reminding us of the many needs of human beings, both in our own backyards and around the world. It is a call to action for all United Methodists to become involved together in a world bigger than one individual's reach.

A new generation of both seekers and believers is yearning for something more, something deeper, something relevant. It is a generation that believes actions speak louder than words.

In the first century, Jesus' ministry made his world rethink faith beyond the walls and doors of the Temple and Synagogues. In the 18th century, John Wesley called people to rethink church and make the whole world our parish.

The members of St. John's United Methodist Church are embracing this call which relates back to our Wesleyan heritage and biblical mandate of social holiness. We are going to truly become disciples of Jesus Christ.

The single most important way for our congregation members to embark on the "Rethink Church Journey" is to "start the journey" - therefore, we have started. As we move forward, we are redefining our true vision and mission along with finding new ways and ideas to become more involved in our community.

We are redefining the church experience beyond our church doors by inviting people to become engaged in our community and the world? As we progress on our journey, we are engaging many others in our community to actively rethink church by asking them what are our community's most pressing needs and identifying how we can help. We have already gotten involved with several other organizations in our community. As a result of this interaction, a couple activities have been started to provide emergency help (food and limited cash) to folks in need along with plans to provide community wide children and family activities which are designed to encourage social networking and develop strong family values within our community.

Four Areas of Focus

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